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Cuba's National Dance Company Discovers

Mocombo's 'Dreamscape'


Recorded in Canada, Mocombo's 'Dreamscape'

found international acclaim in Havana, Cuba. 

Cuba's National Contemporary Dance Company created choreography to the song 'Passion Play' for a nine-minute  performance that premiered at the prestigious Gran Teatro Garcia Lorca , Havana



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Sugar D


Flophouse Daddy



In rare recent interview, admits times are tough for everybody that's why he's giving the whole world a message.  "Hang in there..even clowns put on their makeup seriously...there's always that old sayin', 'walk a mile in my clown suit'.  Here's folks!! Download this!" ____________________________________

A freewheeling section of our web site that offers music, videos and slide shows.  Yes, it includes rare studio takes and outakes and cameo performances from a variety of artist.

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David Foster, friend and Stephane Roy

Canada's leading creative artist designer, Stephane Roy, is well known for his custom design art, music industry awards and merchandising products.

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In our Cuba section of our site you can find an interesting assortment of media about Cuba.

Articles range from art and culture to politics and people.  This section helps demystify Cuba's best guarded secrets.

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2 CD compilation of music recorded in Habana, Cuba.

CD 1 ‘Habana Libre’

features 15 songs and is about 78 minutes in length.

CD 2 ‘Bucanero Dance’

features 12 songs and is about 77 minutes in length. 


Recorded in Havana, Cuba, Mocombo’s ‘Mocombo In Habana Project’ features an all-star Cuban band including Elmer Ferrer of Elmer Ferrer Band, percussionist Jorge Luis Torres a.k.a. ‘Papiosco’ , (Klimax, Cubanismo, Jane Bunnett), renowned keyboardists Rolando Luna (placed second in France’s International Jazz competition 2008) , and Latin Grammy Award winner Roberto Riveron.

Co-produced by Canada's Danny Mott and Cuban born composer, arranger and bassist Roberto Riveron.

The two CD set also features bass wizard Carlito Rios.  The prodigy bassist was only 14 at the time of these studio recordings in Cuba.  Carlito plays 5-string and 4-string electric bass and acoustic string bass most of the album’s 27 songs. 

Carlito is becoming legendary in Cuba and is in high demand for engagements and television appearance.  He is currently enrolled in the National Institute of Music in Habana.

This two CD release has plenty of body movement, passion and heart and soul! 




Dayramir and Habana Entrance releases debut album in Habana, Cuba.  Ten compositions from the well known

keyboardist often seen performing in Cuba with Klimax.


Elmer Ferrer


MOCOMBO's Video Collection....
Exciting and classic footage of Cuba, musicians and original music!

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Rare archival footage of the Mississippi blues slide guitar legend and his mystical associations with Louisiana priests and angels.

It is widely rumored that Blind Lemon made a pact with the angel Gabrielle in order to counter the hoodoo voodoo from the other side of the tracks.  His legendary performances in many world's churches before millions of fans precedes any appearance he has made publicly.   Unfortunately, Blind Lemon Oogie refuses

media interview because of his coveted blues secrets.

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Shambu Das

"Sound is God"

Shambu and George Harrison

Shambu and Ravi Shankar


Mocombo records tribute song dedicated to the

great African born musician Manu Dibango in Habana, Cuba