Live on Cuban television

Cuban Bassists Carlito Rios and Roberto Riveron.

The bass piece is called 'Expreso' by Cuban composer/bassist Roberto Riveron.

Carlito is fast becoming one of Cuba's best known bassists. He is currently living in Habana, Cuba and attending the National School of Arts (ENA) extensive performances live and on nationion television and live concerts. Carlito provides most of the bass playing on Mocombo CD's Mocombo 'In Habana Project'.

The bass piece is called 'Nostalgia' by

Cuban composer/bassist Roberto Riveron.


I discovered a young bassist of 14 years of age named Carlito Rios.  I met him when I first went to Habana.  Roberto Riveron, the project director, invited me to met the Rios family.  There were many musicians playing at the private party and Carlito was one of them.  I have played bass for years.  I was in awe of Carlito's pure passion and skill for playing all styles of music.


With all the duties of producing (I didn't speak much Spanish at the time), it made total sense to get Carlito in the studio to record.  He performed on acoustic bass and four and five string basses and never needed more than a take or two to nail it down.  He now studies music at university in Habana. I gave him a Boss Loop Station and he loved it. 

Danny Mott

Carlito Ríos


Carlito Ríos Arguelles, Cuba was born in the City of the Havana August 20 1991 into a family rich in Cuban traditional music.  Notably Carlito’s father, Efrain Rios has perfomed with Adalberto Álvarez and Cubanismo.


From a very small age Carlito had great curiosity about music.  His passion for music became very apparent as he listened with attention at family and professional music rehearsals. Although he always liked to play some notes in the piano, it was at the age 10 that he became definitely interested in the Bass guitar.  Carlito’s new found interest for music led to music classes in the family home with music professor Jorge Machado (graduate of bass guitar and double bass, popular musician and director). Jorge Machado  tutored Carlito in music theory, solfeggio, and bass guitar method of  well noted Cuban bassists Carlos del Puerto and Silvio Vergara.  Simultaneously Carlito studied traditional Cuban Montunos styles and Jazz. 


Practicing eight hours a day for ten months led to Carlito’s audition for the  and his subsequent admittance with new studies specializing in Contrabass with reputed professor Roman Alvarez.


Amazingly by the age of  fourteen, Carlito has already performed some of  Cuba’s best known musicians including Roberto Riveron, Peruchin, Efraín Ríos, Pepe Espinosa, Carlos Álvarez, Jorge Maza (all members of the group Cubanismo and anothers Groupings like Irakere, Kimax, Charanga Habanera, NG and Raison). 


Importantly, Carlito’s on going personal relationship with Cuba’s well-known international recording artist/studio producer bassist Roberto Riveron is having a profound effect.  At only fourteen years of age bassist Carlos Rios is participating in professional studio recordings notably the CD tribute to Celia Cruz "From Cuba with Love" (Kubaney Records)


Carlito Rios plays 5-string electric bass and four string Contrabass (standup bass) and has performed both in both live and studio settings.  His aspirations and dream is to become a full-time professional musician, to record and perform throughout the world.  In October 2009 Carlito graduated from the Cuban National School of Art (E.N.A.)  During the last few years he has become a steady fixture with many contemporary Cuban groups in clubs, concerts and televisions


Carlito’s favorite Cuban Musicians include Chucho Valdés, Yosvani Hidalgo, Cachao, Van Van, Irakere, Issac Delgado, Klimax, Cubanismo, El Niño Rivera, Arsenio Rodríguez and Chapottin.


World jazz influences include Weather Report, Yellow Jackets, Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, Alain Carol, Victor Bailey, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Gary Peacock, Ron Carter, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Ivan Lins, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, John Scofield and Miles Davis.



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