Performers included 'Papioscoe', Roberto Riveron, Danny Mott, Eugene Boyer, Bobby 'Crow' Clarke and Jay Scali and Kyle McKey with guest appearance by blues harmonica player Gerry Paquin.

Mocombo has been invited to perform at the

Bob Marley 'Birthday Bash' in Negril, Jamaica in 2010.

Look for new LIVE dates information here soon, including tour information.

New Mocombo CD releases include:

Mocombo 'In Habana Project' featuring music recorded in Habana, Cuba.

Mocombo 'Global 360' featuring reggae spirited 'Bob Marley Moment'.

Mocombo 'Boldly Going Nowhere' the latest installment from Flophouse Daddy and his bluesmen.

Music from all 8 Mocombo CD's to be available in downloadable MP3 format from the site.

Yes, you also order the original Compact Discs to be delivered by mail.  See Discography!

Featuring Grammy Award winners percussionist 'Papioscoe' and bassists/composer Roberto Riveron.

Watch for future announcements and how you can be part of this exciting music workshop that opens up the world of Cuban music and the Afro-Cuban music tradition.

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COMING in 2010!

Look next year for legendary Cuban sensation 'KLIMAX' who will touring Canada in 2010.