Currently releases include 'Mocombo In Habana Project' a 2 CD set recorded in Habana, Cuba and 'Global 360' featuring the song 'A Bob Marley Moment'.

Radio Taino in Habana featured Mocombo's 'In Habana Project' on three separate one hour documentaries with music historian Toni Bansanta.  

The Mocombo in Habana Project features an all-star cast of Cuban musicians including Grammy Award winner Roberto Riveron, guitarist Elmer Ferrer (EF Band) and legendary percussionist 'Papiosco' (Cubanismo, Klimax, Jane Bunnett).

Three years in the making, 'Mocombo In Habana Project' features two full CD's of music, filming project with the National Comtempory Dance Company. 

By the time the time the project completed the recording sessions, over 50 percent of the musicians on the two CD release had departed from Cuba for other countries with no intention of returning.  The exodus of so many great musicians has contributed to the tone and texture of the current music landscape and the inherent rise of Reggaeton or Cuban Hip Hop. It can also be said; Cuba’s loss is other countries gain.

Mocombo has released to seven (7) music CD's, a music documentary made in Cuba with the National Contemporary Dance Company and a number You Tube videos. Projects and performances include Jamaica, Cuba and Canada.  

Danny Mott is the director of the Canadian based music group Mocombo. The English born composer's CD release 'Dreamscape' garnered interest with Cuba's National Contemporary Dance Company in 2006 resulting in live performances at the "García Lorca" The Gran Teatro in Habana, Cuba.

Mocombo's blues based CD 'Flophouse Daddy' placed two songs in the top twenty blues charts in Europe.

Reggae influenced song 'I'm Having A Bob Marley Moment' from Mocombo's 'Global 360' CD was well received by Jamaican radio eventually inspiring a dub version by well known rapper Sugar 'D'.

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Zubie Zubie


Flop House Daddy

Global 360

Mocombo In Habana Project - 2 CD set

Boldly Going Nowhere

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Zubie Zubie Music embraces all music styles and genres. s

The Mocombo philosophy embraces the fundamental principles of Anthropology and Enthnomusiology: cultural diversity and wholeness.

In musical terms, all the musicians past and present who have participated in the music CD's and projects are part of one great big Mocombo family: a unified field!

The musician becomes the instrument; the artist becomes the brush; the photographer is the picture.

Zubie Zubie!

.......from the Zubieman