Roberto Riveron Mederos musical background: Guitar and bass studies at National School of Arts (ENA) in Havana, Cuba; Harmony, Arranging, and composition (self-taught) Roberto Riverón has become the leading studio bassist in Cuba.

In 2001, he played on two grammy-nominated albums: "La fórmula" and "La rumba soy yo" and also on two which should have been nominated: "Oye como va" (Klimax) and "A puerto padre" (Juan Ceruto). Riverón was a founding member of Klimax, played on all three albums, and contributed several arrangements, including the breathtaking "Regalo de Amor", which he co-composed with Giraldo Piloto.  He was also a founding member of Cubanismo and a current member of the group when it won its Grammy Award.

"Roberto originally connected with me in 2006 via email between Canada and Cuba.  Roberto enlisted an all-star band of Habana's best contemporary Afro-Cuban jazz musicians for the Mocombo project.  Roberto's role in the 24 recordigs included, project co-ordinator, arranging and co-producing two CD's.  Roberto is charismatic and always in accessible.  His personable demeanor enables him to connect with many people effortlessly.  Originally, I had no idea about Cuba but I was pumped and intent on going there to record my music.  I headed to Habana with my bass and charts.  The second day I met Roberto and Efrain Rios (father of Carlito Rios).  They invited to to a family fiesta which included a lot of musicians, music, food and celebration.  I was immediately struck by how passionate and warm the Cuban people were.  It became obvious to me immediately, the musicians and their families were inviting me to be a part of their culture and families.  The music we recorded on the Mocombo In Habana Project became a life changing experience for me.  All the people involved with the project have become great friends.  Many of them including Jorge Maza, Elmer Ferrer and Papiosco now live in Toronto! 

The Mocombo In Habana Project became a crossroads in many peoples' lives.  I witnessed a complete paradigm shift as these great musicians and their families crossed into Canadian culture.  All of them are active in music projects.  Roberto Riveron in the common thread with all these people.  Recently, Roberto has been involved with Juno winner Jane Bunnett's projects in Canada as well as a world tour with Elmer Ferrer Band.

With all his creditials and ability, I am amazed at his humble and sincere nature with all people.  The world is a better place with such human beings as Roberto Riveron.  I am ultimately, estatic to have him as a great friend and inspiration."   Danny Mott

Klimax: Oye como va, Juego de manos, Mira si te gusta, Concierto Europtropical I & II, Giraldo Piloto, Klimax and friends. / Juan Manuel Ceruto: A puerto padre (foto above from that album) / Issac Delgado: La fórmula Grammy nomination / Haila Mompié: Haila / La rumba soy yo Grammy Latino 2001 La rumba soy yo II / Calixto Oviedo: La recompensa / Mario Rivera: Pa' Bachatear

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