Flop till ya drop!

Love da.BLUES

Mocombo fifth album 'Boldly Going Nowhere' is features the same lineup as the 2005 release of 'Flop House Daddy'.

'Boldly Going Nowhere' is a hard hitting sequel featuring blues classics like Freddy King's 'Goin' Down', Allman Brothers 'You Don't Love Me Anymore' and Jeff Beck's 'Black Cat Moan' and 'Crosssroads' by Robert Johnson.

Kyle McKey plays electric sitar on Elenor Rigby.  In total there are 15 songs on the album that stretch out over 75 minutes!

There are several original compositions including Jay Scali's lyrics on the swing tune 'Swing Me Baby'.  Funk rock oriented "Freedom' also features Jay Scali on lead vocals. 'Dig This' is a rocking swing tune that features Bobby 'Crow' Clarke's infectious swing groove.

Saltry in nature, 'Lament for Stevie' and 'Peace in The Valley' are a two-part dedication to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.  'Searchin' , the trance oriented  guitar stylng of Jay Scali and Kyle McKey on 'Shanghai Sally' conjure up poppy seed fantasies.

Engineered by Rob DiGioia and Mark Gouph at Southpine Studios in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Master by Rob DiGioia.

Musicians including:

 Jay Scali, Guitar and Vocals

 Bobby 'Crow' Clarke, Drums and Percussion

 Kyle McKey, Guitar and Vocals

 Mark Gouph - Acoustic Guitar (Lament for Stevie)

 Danny Mott, Bass and Vocals

All members of the group contribute great material on this inspired CD. 'Boldly Going Nowhere' is the return of Flophouse Daddy.  Welcome back!


Hey Folks, thanks for checkin' out my new CD.... check out my blues brother Blind Lemon Oogie!