Mocombo 'Zubie Zubie' is a foray into instrumental jazz with tonal textures including saxophones, trumpets and percussion to augment a solid rhythm section. The compositions range in various styles and idioms including swing, fusion, modal and Afro-Cuban grooves.


Toronto trumpet player Jake Wilkinson is accompanied by a string section on the Miles Davis dedication `Miles Away`.

Other noteworthy pieces include a cover of Wayne Shorter 's 6/8 minor blues Footprints which features Toronto saxophonist Eugene Hardy and the modal montage Extra Texture.


Guitarist and co-writer, Eugene Boyer's inspired performance on Siesta Fiesta creates an exotic blend reminiscent of Spain.


Zubie Zubie's lead track, Dibango, pays homage to African born musician Manu Dibango. Incidentally, a copy of the lead sheet and music was presented in person to Manu at a Vancouver concert. The Bossa Nova / Swing styling of the ballad Jennie has its inspiration from Paul Desmond's performances at the famous jazz landmark Bourbon Street Toronto.


An inspired drum solo by Bob 'Crow' Clarke on the tune H.A.T.T. draws deserving recognition to one of Canada's unrecognized jazz giants.


2-Extra Texture

3-No Mas Lagrimas

4-Le Rouge Et Noir



7-Siesta Fiesta

8-Miles Away



11-Train At The Station

12-Islam Blue

13-Bourbon St! Why not?

14-Thunky Side

15-High All The Time

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